Dope Fein Boutique is a world wide online destination to find the dopest clothes & accessories available! In 2011 founder Taylor Elaine, at the age of 19, started initially with just selling phone cases under the name “Custom Fein”. She sold them initially on Etsy and eventually outgrew that platform and took it to her own website storefront. In 2014 she started venturing into selling clothing and accessories and this is when Dope Fein Boutique was born.

         Growing up, Taylor was surrounded by family members who suffered from addictions and she had to witness a lot of the devastating outcomes that come with them. This motivated her to turn her experiences into something positive and to give people around the world something else to be addicted to, which is where the name Dope Fein comes from.

         Taylor not only wants to offer the world Dope clothing and Dope fashion but she also wants to show people around the world that no matter what life you were born into, you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

Today, Dope Fein Boutique has grown and evolved into your one stop shop for everything dope, from high-end street wear to luxury (yet affordable) fashion!